mountain top

My counselor once asked me to use a picture, a word, or just something to describe how I feel about my life. I said, "I feel like I'm climbing a mountain."

I know, it's not very original. Even Miley Cyrus beat me to it when she released "The Climb" in 2009. But that's just how I feel.

I often feel like I'm climbing a mountain. I also often get a little tired and feel hopeless because the climb seems endless. But even if I am climbing this mountain alone, there's always someone who comes by...a more "experienced climber" who has already done the climb and tells me about the beautiful view that's up ahead if I just keep going. So I keep going. And when I get to a place of rest, I take a moment to take a deep breath and marvel at all that I have climbed. But then I realize, I'm not at the top of the mountain yet; this was just one viewpoint. 

About three years ago, I lost my dad and I wanted to drop everything, but I climbed. I climbed through pain, denial, anger, frustration, confusion, loneliness, and fear. I wanted to give up so many times but thankfully I was never alone. There was always someone either cheering me on to keep going, helping me hang on, or holding me up while I let go. And there came a point about a few months ago when I reached my viewpoint: a place of peace beyond human understanding and clarity, a place to look back and say "I got through that."

A little encouragement: there's always something to "climb" and overcome. And when it gets hard, don't lose hope because you will reach that viewpoint. Just don't give up, accept the fact you can't do it alone and need to accept help from other people, and don't rush the process.