Silverwood Lake

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This weekend I got to go camping with my family at Silverwood Lake; we used to go camping here since I was a kid so it brought back a lot of great memories. It makes me happy to continue our old family traditions with the newest members of my family: Larry (my brother in law) and Ethan (my two year old nephew). Ethan had so much fun running around, invading our neighbor's camp space, and leaving crumbs in our tent. 

It's a nice camping ground (with bathrooms AND showers) with a grill, fire pit, and a picnic table; you also have neighboring families who are camping as well if you're afraid to be alone. It's only about an hour away from home so it's a really convenient camping spot in the mountains. But FYI, when I say "mountains," try not to expect something like Yosemite but it's still a great nearby spot to go camping for the weekend.

You know how I mentioned before that I'm a creature of habit? It's probably because I was born from a family made up of creatures of habit because this menu has been the same since 1998. My mom makes my favorite soup, doenjang-jjigae, which is soup with soybean paste, red chili paste, vegetables, meat, and tofu. We also fire up the grill to cook pork belly, Italian sausage, and LA galbi that's been marinated overnight.


After dinner, it was getting dark and cold so we started to light up the fire pit. But first, my sister took Ethan in for a bedtime story. Our lives have definitely changed for the better ever since Ethan came into our lives and it's been a real joy to watch him grow. Sometimes he acts like such a big kid with such a personality that I forget he's just a baby. My sister has been reading him Korean folktales that I didn't grow up with so it's been fun intruding their story time to hear the stories.

It's been pretty busy for the past few weeks so I'm really happy that I got to spend a relaxing weekend with my family. It felt like a really short time together but we're already making plans for the next one so I've got something to look forward to. Hopefully next time we can do a family hike and go fishing out on the lake. 


P.S. I just started using presets in Lightroom with the help of my friend Gavy and it has made everything so much easier. Shoutout to Gavy for all your help, support, and encouragement! :)