Hello there! 

My name is Esther and I currently live in the beautiful, sunny city of Los Angeles.

For a good 20 something years of my life, I believed that I had zero capacity for creativity. I was never good at anything that required the right side of the brain so I never had an interest in. But a with a little exploration and discovering hidden talents, and also with a heck of a lot of encouragement and guidance from friends, I found that I actually have a passion to create. 

Some people are born with a natural skill and some people (like me) require a little more practice, effort, perseverance, and a teachable posture but that doesn't make it impossible.

I initially started the food + travel blog but I wanted a space where I could go beyond just writing about restaurants.
I hope you enjoy this compilation of what is essentially me and the people, things, places, and food I love while living in this lovely city of Los Angeles.

Additional fun facts about me:
- I am a Biola graduate, class of 2016 (BS in Business Admin)
- My favorite chocolate is kit kat
- My favorite chocolate fluctuates so that fact above is a lie
- My favorite show is a tie between The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother
 I've taken the Myer-Briggs test multiple times and I'm consistently an ISFJ
- I had a betta fish named Hamilton (✝ RIP) but still have a plant named Rosita and a Martin guitar named Beautiful
- I am not a hoarder, but I am often mistaken for one for my various collections of things that other people might label as junk but has sentimental value to me
- One of my favorite foods will always be Hometown Buffet's Mac N' Cheese

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